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Discover a unique martial art - Sochin ryu Kobudo, founded by Soke Jim van de Wielle (10th Dan) in Belgium. At our Honbu Dojo in Aartselaar (Belgium) and our branches in Austria and Germany, you can learn the fascinating world of traditional Japanese weapon martial arts.

We offer extensive training that elevates your skills and concentration to a new level. Experience the versatility of training through learning Hojoundo (basic exercises with and without weapons), Kumiwaza (self-defense with weapons), Renzoku Kumite (partner exercises), Jiyu Ippon Kumite (free one-step sparring), Jiyu Kumite (free sparring), and Kata (forms).

Become part of a community that values tradition, discipline, and respect. Sochin ryu Kobudo offers you a challenging intellectual and physical experience that you can enjoy in both individual and group training. Welcome to the world of Sochin ryu Kobudo!

Vereinte Kinder in Karateuniform, zwei Freunde umarmen sich herzlich.
Ein Team aufgeregt verbundener Kinder meistert gemeinsam einen Stangenparcours.
Entschlossene Kinderkarate-Schüler zeigen Kampfhaltungen für ein Gruppenfoto.

On the path to the first master's degree (1st Dan), you will learn how to handle traditional Japanese weapons like the Bo (long staff), Tonfa (baton), Kama (small sickle), Sai (trident), and Nunchaku (flail).

Once you have reached the 1st Dan, additional weapons become available to you: the Jo (120 cm staff), Tanbo (60 cm staff), Ni-Tanbo (two 60 cm staffs), Eku (oar), Naginata (pole weapon), Nunti-Bo (fishing spear), Kuwa (hoe), Yari (spear/lance), Manji Sai (stabbing weapon), Sansetsukon (three-section nunchaku), Yawara, Timbe, and Tekko.

Learn more about the training and techniques of Sochin ryu Kobudo in the following video from the Kampfkunstschule Tiger Kwon .

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