Here you will find an overview of all Sochin ryu Kobudo dojos authorized by Soke Jim van de Wielle (10th Dan):


Ju-jitsu Club Kuzushi Aartselaar // Honbu Dojo
Soke Jim van de Wielle, 10.Dan
Renshi Pat Hesbeens, 7.Dan

in 2630 Aartselaar


Kampfkunstschule Tiger Kwon®
Peter Neuwirth, 5.Dan

in 4600 Wels
+43 650 9258966

ASKÖ Neuhofen Karate Seibukan

Trainer for Kobudo: Dietmar Fröhlich, 3.Dan

in 4501 Neuhofen / Krems


Kun-Tai-Ko Karate Brannenburg
Dr. Florian Koller, 6.Dan

in 83098 Brannenburg

Kun-Tai-Ko Dojo Inzell
Adi Bernard, 7.Dan

in 83334 Inzell

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Questions about Kobudo or training opportunities

Peter Neuwirth, 5.Dan
Chief Instructor Austria
Kobudo Hotline: +43 650 9258966

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