Weapons and Kata

The program in Sochin ryu Kobudo includes six student levels (7th Kyu to 1st Kyu) and five master levels (1st Dan to 5th Dan). From the 6th Dan onwards, the graduation is awarded for outstanding achievements and merits.

In the Kyu program, you will learn the Hojoundo, Kata, Kumiwaza, Renzoku Kumite, and Jiyu Kumite of the weapons Bo, Tonfa, Kama, Sai, and Nunchaku or Tanbo. From the 1st Dan (Shodan) to the 5th Dan (Godan), you will expand your repertoire to include the weapons Jo, Tanbo, Ni-Tanbo, Eku, Naginata, and Nunti-Bo.

Overview - Weapons, Kata and Kumiwaza

  • Sôchin ryu Bo Kata Shodan
  • Bofu Kata
  • Nagai Bo
  • Bo Kata Sho
  • Bo Kata Dai
  • Bo Kata Hayai
Bo Nr. 1 – 15 (Bo vs. Bo)
  • Sôchin ryu Tonfa Kata Shodan
  • Sôchin ryu Tonfa Kata Dai
  • Tonfa Kata Katana wo kowasu
Tonfa Nr. 1 – 15 (Bo vs. Tonfa)
  • Sôchin ryu Tonfa Kata Shodan
  • Sôchin ryu Tonfa Kata Dai
  • Kama Kata Sho
Kama Nr. 1 – 10 (Bo vs. Kama)
  • Sôchin ryu Sai Kata Shodan
  • Sôchin ryu Sai Kata Dai
Sai Nr. 1 – 15 (Bo vs. Sai)
  • Sôchin ryu Nunchaku Kata Shodan
  • Sempurin Nunchaku Kata
Nunchaku Nr. 1 – 10 (Bo vs. Nunchaku)
  • Sôchin ryu Jo Kata Ippon Me
  • Sôchin ryu Jo Kata Nihon Me
Jo Nr. 1 – 5 (Bo vs. Jo)
  • Sôchin ryu Tanbo Kata Ippon Me
  • Sôchin ryu Tanbo Kata Nihon Me
Tanbo Nr. 1 – 5 (Bo vs. Tanbo)
  • Sôchin ryu Ni-Tanbo Kata Ippon Me
  • Sôchin ryu Ni-Tanbo Kata Nihon Me
Ni-Tanbo Nr. 1 – 5 (Bo vs. Ni Tanbo)
  • Sôchin ryu Eku Kata Namikaze Dai
  • Sôchin ryu Eku Kata Namikaze Sho
Eku Nr. 1 – 5 (Bo vs. Eku)
  • Sôchin ryu Naginata Kata Sho
  • Sôchin ryu Naginata Kata Dai
Naginata Nr. 1 – 5
  • Sôchin ryu Nunti-Bo Kata
Nunti-Bo Nr. 1 – 5
  • Sôchin ryu Sansetsukon Kata
Sansetsukon Nr. 1 – 5
  • Sôchin ryu Yawara Kata
Yawara Nr. 1 – 13
Manji Sai
  • Sôchin ryu Manji Sai Kata
  • Sôchin ryu Yari Kata
  • Sôchin ryu Kuwa Kata


The program also offers a solid foundation of techniques for each Kobudo weapon to ensure safe usage and precise handling. Each technique is taught step by step, focusing on precision, efficiency, and body control.

Whether beginner or experienced Kobudoka, the program is designed to continuously improve your skills. It enhances the understanding of the specific characteristics of each weapon and places great importance on embedding the principles of tradition and discipline in every step of the training.

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